Nik Nanos


Nik Nanos

Chief Data Scientist & Founder
Nanos Research

As the Chief Data Scientist at Nanos Research, Nik has led thousands of research projects in Canada and around the world ranging from market studies, customer satisfaction tracking, creative testing, program development and reputation management. He leads the Nanos Research Corporation, Nanos-dimap, a German-Canadian research joint-venture and is a partner at Ethic Strategies, a practice focused on strategic positioning and messaging.

Nik currently volunteers on the board of The Hellenic Initiative Canada.

He is the Past Chair of Carleton University which is a Canadian University where he championed the G. Stuart Adam Award in Journalism and established the Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy Scholarship. At his time at Carleton, he created the Indigenous Enriched Support Program School Mentorship Fund to support the educational aspirations and success of Indigenous youth through mentoring programs.

His philanthrophic activities have included doing research have helped a diversity of organizations including St. John Ambulance which is at the forefront providing first aid training and medical assistance to those in need, Wounded Warriors which is a national mental health service provider focusing on trauma exposed professionals such as members of the Canadian Armed Forces through to helping the Royal Canadian Geographical Society connect Canadians with their geography.

Since 2013, Nanos has been conducting pro bono consumer research in Canada and the United States on the Greek brand and tourism and sharing the intelligence with key members of the Hellenic Republic.

He serves as one of 20 honorary captains in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and provides advice and support to the Commander of the RCN. HCaptain(Navy) Nanos has helped lead initiatives including outreach between the RCN and Canadians and the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Canadian Forces Naval Reserves.

In addition to his professional and philanthropic work, he sits on the board of Char Technology, a publicly traded (TSXV: YES.V) cleantech company focused on solutions for renewable natural gas, green hydrogen and decarbonized steel.