Vivian Bouzali


Vivian Bouzali

Chief Corporate Affairs & Communication Officer

Vivian Bouzali was born in Kastoria, Greece. She holds a BSc in Psychology from the Loyola University of Chicago, an MSc in Counseling Psychology from Harvard University and an MSc in Business Administration from the University of Louisville. 

Over the course of four years, between 1989-1993, she practiced clinical psychology at Loyola and Harvard University, focusing on teenagers and groups inclined to criminal behavior. 

Upon returning to Greece, in 1994 she assumed the position of Administrative and Business Development Director at New York College of Athens, which she held until 1998. Under her lead, the school saw a significant expansion of international activity to several European countries.  

In 2000-2004, she served as CEO of Human Capital Improvement, a strategic communications consulting firm working with high caliber Greek and international corporate clients. 

During the same period, she actively participated in preparations ahead of the Athens 2004 Olympics, recruiting and educating an unprecedented pool of volunteers that was vital to the success of the Games. 

In 2004, she was appointed Executive Director for Retail, Marketing and Corporate Communication at ELTA Group (Hellenic Post Office).

During that time, she also worked as an ad hoc communication consultant to top-notch companies in Greece and abroad. 

In 2007 she was elected to serve as a member of the Greek Parliament with the party of New Democracy, where up until 2009 she focused her parliamentary activation issues of growth, promotion of investment and the fight against distortions in the Greek economy and administration.

She joined MYTILINEOS, a leading international industrial and energy company with a dynamic presence on all 5 continents, in 2009 and since January 2023 after the new corporate transformation, she is the Chief Corporate Affairs & Communication Officer of MYTILINEOS Energy & Metals.

Ms. Bouzali is married and has a daughter.